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Archetype has been designed to be scalable to any size of project. You can begin by configuring your own instance or you can ask King’s Digital Lab to provide consultancy, development, hosting services and even grant application advice, to reduce the cost of bespoke technical solutions.

Individual Researcher

I have limited resources to explore my research question. I have a radical new perspective which requires cutting edge tools to help me build a compelling argument in my thesis.

On any major desktop platform (e.g. Mac, Windows, Linux), one can install a personal version of Archetype. To make this process simple, we provide a virtual machine that runs on your computer, taking care of the trickier areas of configuration. Using this start up package, and help from the Archetype community you can tailor your installation to deal with your own research questions.

Once the system is up and running, you can access Archetype in your preferred web browser and start to record your own annotations on your own images and documents. You’ll add to your own private database that you can back up locally and you’ll be able to export TEI created in Archetype for other users.

When you are finished with your research you’ll have a digital resource that you can archive or use as the basis for your next project. In which case KDL could help you find the most cost efficient way to move your resource to a publicly hosted website.

The code that drives Archetype is open source, and KDL encourage developers and researchers to build new functionality and make suggestions about how the platform should develop. If you are tech savvy, you may find that you make something new for the Archetype community that you would like to share with other users.

To get started, follow the DockerHub link below ...

Seed Funding

Myself and a colleague from another institution have identified a set of manuscripts which we believe have the potential to prove a fundamental misconception in our domain.

You have the germ of an exciting insight, but the clues you need are hidden in the patterns and conventions of a large corpus of documents. It would make a great project, but you need to prove to yourselves (and the funding bodies) that there are tools that are up to the job. You want to take a small selection of your corpus and demonstrate how a digital approach can shed new light on the subject. Furthermore, you need to cooperate using the same database even though you are not located near to each other.

KDL can consult on how best to implement Archetype for your use case and provide low cost hosting and support to make sure that you and your colleagues can work remotely on the same database.

Depending on the level of support needed, KDL can help you modify the Archetype database structure.

At the end of prototyping, hopefully you’ll decide that Archetype is the right tool to take this challenge forward. You’ll also have learned a great deal about the complexities of the task during this formative stage and might identify new functionality that would make the project methodology even more robust.

At that point it is time to talk to us about getting large scale funding, customisation and long term hosting for your landmark resource.

To discuss further, please get in touch...

Large Funding Bids

Established in my domain, I am trying to secure substantial European funding for a project, underpinned by robust, reliable technology and transparent service levels.

You and your research team have an exacting review panel to satisfy, not only that you have a compelling research question, but that you have the right methodology. personnel and technical support to approach the question convincingly. KDL will assist you in developing the proposal and your technical appendices, with advice based on years of experience of applying to different funding bodies.

The project needs a brand presence and KDL designers can give your instance of Archetype a look and feel that suits your audience and fits your subject matter. The digital research will represent an important legacy output and should be available for many years to come and archived according to recognised RDMS protocols. Archetype, sustainably hosted by KDL, is the obvious candidate for this work and you want to fund significant development to the framework to deal with your own use case. You need a direct liaison within the KDL team to help you escalate issues and manage their resolution.

When the project is finished, you need to know that your website can be looked after, maintained and secured by an established department in a world leading institution and you want to build these costs into your project planning.

To discuss further, please get in touch ...

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